Turn a home into a bakery, turn a bakery into a community.

Find fresh homemade food through government certified home businesses.

Support your local businesses.

Starting as a college project, we discovered that the average Home Food Business (92%+ women-owned) only makes around $6,500 annually and around 75% of these businesses seek to make more (based on our survey). Talking to these businesses, we discovered that the biggest challenge is reaching a wider audience. Our mission is to empower these certified businesses to share their talent with the community. 90% of each transaction goes to our sellers. Croftery also provides a complimentary photo service for the sellers.

Meet Your Home Bakers

Every household is certified by the Washington State Food Safety department to sell cakes, cookies, coffee, jams & jellies, and certain ethnic foods. Our sellers are registered businesses - they sanitize their workstations, separate business ingredients from household ingredients, and are the only ones present in the kitchen at the time of cooking. We take pride in our standards for food safety and quality.

Who We Are

Croftery seeks to gather lovers of baked goods--bakers and food lovers--onto a platform which can nourish a community.

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