Meet The Founders

Albert (left) and Sanchit (right)

As a college student, Sanchit Singh wished to take his family’s dream to open a restaurant and share their beloved recipes with the community. Realistically however, renting a space and hiring people for a restaurant was a financial blocker and a risk his family could not take. Sanchit envisioned a platform that could empower his family to fulfill this dream.

Sanchit turned to his longtime best friend, Albert, to put together a team that would manifest this vision and allow bakers to share the food that they love to the greater community. As you join us on this journey, we hope to see this platform grow into a flourishing community.

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We're a group of students from the University of Washington. All of us are unique in our experiences, from baking at home to creating marketing strategies to writing code. Although we come from all walks of life, our love of food and vision of community brought us together to make this vision real for you. Please reach out to for any questions.

A Vision for Croftery

a message from the CEO

Sanchit Singh

October 25, 2020

Dear Crofters,

When we make food, it’s nothing short of creating art that is experienced through the tongue and felt from the heart.

My grandma, Sharmila, is very passionate about cooking. Despite having dietary restrictions herself, she bakes the tastiest cakes and cookies, and waits expectantly for a “yum, I want more!” It’s that feeling of sharing which she loves the most.

When people truly love to share, they will seek out opportunities and communities with which to do so. A way that families can do that is by creating a business.

In fact, starting a food business has always been one of my grandma’s dreams so that she might share her passion. We began the endeavor to open a restaurant by searching for spaces to rent and people to hire, but soon realized we were not in a position to take that financial risk.

There are many people across cultures, genders, and ages who share the same passion for cooking. They would love to open a business, but it is simply not feasible.

Croftery took birth to provide a solution: a platform to empower people passionate about cooking and baking to share their talent with the world in a manner that is safe for all. We know that there have historically been concerns about the safety of homemade foods, but our Crofteries (home bakeries) are all government approved and state licensed.

We hope Croftery will provoke the entrepreneurial spirits of passionate bakers and grow local foodie communities. Families can operate their business from home without the financial burdens of starting a commercial business, and communities can grow knowing that they are directly helping local families. Everybody can tap into a network which provides home bakers access to a plethora of potential customers, and food-lovers access to a rich community of talented local bakers.

As communities share food through Croftery, people from all backgrounds can experience the taste of a family’s long heritage of perfecting the recipe. When my grandma bakes, she draws on that heritage and wraps a piece of her affection in every bite.

Through Croftery, I hope you can experience that bite too.

Sanchit Singh

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