Improving Washington’s Cottage Food Laws, empowering our food entrepreneurs – HB1685

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The Problem

Registered home food sellers in Washington are only allowed to earn $25,000 in revenue annually. This is not only an unlivable income limit, but also, homemade food businesses have a lower profit margin due to a lack of bulk purchases. Over 30 states in the US do not have an income cap for cottage food businesses – WA has the lowest cap.

Cottage businesses (home food businesses) maintain very high standards for food safety (learn more here). In fact, there have been 0 food related illnesses due to cottage foods in WA. Many sellers are already reaching the $25,000 limit, but still find it difficult to take their business to the next level because a $25k limit makes it hard to save towards a brick-and-mortar store.

A cottage business promotes independence, entrepreneurship, and creativity, and a limit to the income cap is a limit to their potential. Increasing the limit will inspire more folks to start their business and introduce new flavors in the community.

Changing the Law

HB1685 has been propelled by several cottage sellers and government representatives. This bill aims to increase the $25k limit to $50k. Croftery, our colleagues at the Institute of Justice, and several motivated sellers have already testified in a live hearing.

What you can do

Contact your local representatives in support of this bill! Simply add your name here and click submit!

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