Food Safety and Regulation

Washington Food Safety Department on Home Food Laws

Croftery is a platform for sharing home-made low-risk food items prepared in state certified home kitchens. All sellers have a valid Food Workers Card, a Washington State certified cottage food license (with approved products and ingredients), and a valid business license. These are certified home-bakeries. This means:

  • Our sellers are proud owners of their businesses and have a greater responsibility than an average restaurant employee about their product quality
  • Our sellers are trained to avoid contamination, prevent food deterioration, maintain hygiene, and follow COVID guidelines
  • The foods do not contain any meat, raw fruits, vegetables, plain milk, or anything that can deteriorate over time. All products and their ingredients are Washington state certified
  • No one other than the sellers is allowed in the kitchen during business hours (no pets, children, other members)
  • The water supply, kitchen layout, and personal-business equipment separation are inspected by the Washington State government
  • Croftery audits products made by our sellers on a regular basis

In other words, you can hold our sellers up to the same standards as a commercial bakery. As of now, we’re the only platform that commits to this level of safety and quality in Washington. Buying Washington home food products on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram does not provide the same level of background checks and transparency as us. 

What are the legal laws behind this?

Cottage Food Laws allow you to legally prepare certain low-risk foods in your home kitchen and sell them on a small scale. As a young industry, cottage food laws are continually changing to improve regulations over these home food businesses and better regulate safe food sharing. This means that food safety trained individuals with inspected homes and approved recipes can operate as a conventional food business out of a kitchen.

This is a small industry in Washington because most people are not aware of the cottage food laws. Furthermore, these small scale home businesses are unable to reach a wider audience. Learn more about cottage food laws here.

What if I get sick from a Croftery product?

Firstly, visit your doctor or call 911. 

We are committed to food safety and quality, and all foods and ingredients retain quality in room temperature. In the highly unlikely event that you get sick from a low-risk Croftery product, the procedure is the same as it is for commercial bakeries. Contact the seller (you will have their phone number), and inform us ( While all sales are tracked on Croftery, you should still keep evidence of the contamination (pictures, or even better, the product or packaging). A government food safety officer will also be involved to evaluate the claim. Refunds or other costs will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. 

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