Power Yummies
Power Yummies

Power Yummies


I’m Teena, founder & lead dreamer of Power Yummies. 

And the reason I started Power Yummies is simple – I had to.

As a mom to a treat loving little girl with gluten and nut allergies finding a bakery treat for her that wasn’t super dry, over priced, and nutritionally vacuous was impossible.

The only option was to create my own. 

Now on a mission, I designed Power Yummies – a treat brand that is nutrient dense, decadently delicious and always gluten and nut free. 

At Power Yummies veggies and superfoods are our superstars. 

It is my belief, that if you can win a person over with a broccoli brownie today that tomorrow you can convince that same person that broccoli is just as awesome all by itself… (Well, it worked on my daughter!)


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