Adding Products

Through Account > Vendor Dashboard > Products, you will be able to interact with your products.

To Create a new Product, click the “Add New Product” button on the upper right hand corner.

Input the display name, price, category. Also, provide locations where your product will reach. For example, if I am located in Bellevue, deliver to Sammamish, Seattle, and also ship anywhere in WA, I would select:

Editing a Product

After creating a product, there are a few more settings to configure to ensure the product is listed exactly how you want it to be displayed.

In Account > Vendor Dashboard > Products, there should be some products that you have created. Clicking on the name of the product will bring you into a page to edit the content. You should see the attribute you previously entered when creating a product, along with many other fields.


Product Type

Under product type, a simple product would mean that such product has no customizations or variations (you may still have add-ons for simple products). On the other hand, a variable product would be one that has customizations or variations (you may still have add-ons for variable products). For example:

Simple: One-size Strawberry cake along with add-ons like sprinkles, custom message, icing.

Variable: Strawberry cake with different sizes (one tier, two tiers, three tiers) along with add-ons like sprinkles, custom message, icing.



Fill out the information for the short description and description accordingly. Please include how long it takes to process the order, ingredients, allergens, and why this item is unique and special to you.



[Optional] The SKU are titles you can assign to your product To better keep track of your inventory if needed. 

Enabling stock management allows you to provide stock of your products. So, if you specify 10 cakes, each time an order is made, the stock will automatically decrement. 



Add-ons allow you to add additional pricing for different toppings or extras in the product. For example, a cake might come in two flavors, and here, you can configure the two flavors and price them accordingly. You can also allow custom messages, file uploads, etc. You can add as many as you like. Below you will see an example of an add-on. 



The type field allows you to configure how the buyers can choose your options.


Display As

The display as field allows you to change the display of these options.


Format title

Format title determines how the title will display to the buyers.



This is where you can add the different add-on options that buyers can choose. And you can add items as you wish. 

Again, Add-ons are highly customizable, so feel free to explore your options.


Shipping and Tax

This will be covered under the Shipping [Link] portion of our documentation.


Attributes and Variation

Below are the fields that adjust the customization and variation of a product. You can ignore this section for simple products, but these are useful for variable products.

  1. To create variations, such as one, two, three tier cakes, first ensure your product type is variable.
  2. Click Add Attribute in the Attribute and Variation section
  3. Provide a name. In our case, Tiers. Then, specify your variations. In our case, single, double, triple. When entering your variations, click the “values”, field, type in your variation, and then type in “|”. Be sure to select used for variations. You may add as many attributes as you like. Click Save Attribute.
  4. To define Single, Double, Triple differently (and price them differently), select Add variation (to add one variation at a time), or select Create variations from all attributes and click Go. You may also select a default variation value.
  5. Once you have created your variations, select it, fill in the details. You can add pictures specific to this variation, price it differently, enable/disable it, override stock for each variation (or ignore it to use the same stock management in the inventory section). Click Save Variations.


Ultimately, it’s really up to you whether your products are simple or variable. You may always create several different simple products while utilizing Add-ons, or group them together using variations. Please reach out to us if you need help, we’re always here to help.


Other Options

Purchase Notes

The buyer will receive your custom message on each order they make via email. You can include your contact information, pickup location, or thank them and let them know you’ll reach out to them.


Viewing Your Product

Scroll to the top of the page and select “View Product.” You will be able to view the product only after it’s approved.

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