Croftery uses Stripe as a payment method to process transactions. This means all payouts will be transferred from our Stripe account to yours. You can then transfer money from your Stripe account to your own bank account as you please.

Stripe Setup

If you haven’t received a link to set up your account already, please reach out to obtain another secure link. 

Follow the steps on screen to create an account, and your Stripe will be linked to our Stripe after finishing the process.

*for business details, feel free to put<your-shop-name> as the business website


First, you need to enable withdrawal settings in Croftery. Click Settings > Payment, enter your email address, and press update settings.

Then, navigate to Account > Vendor Dashboard > Withdraw to view information relevant to withdraws. 

For now, we have a holding period of 7 days to anticipate any processing errors or chargeback. By clicking the submit button, our system will start processing your withdrawal request.

Once the withdrawal request has been approved, appropriate funds should show up in your personal Stripe account.

As seen in the image above, navigating to the “Balances” tab in Stripe will allow you to see your balances. 

Clicking the “Payout settings” will bring you to a page that will allow you to see your connected bank and configure payout settings. By default, Stripe will move available balances to your connected bank account at the end of every day. 

Video Tutorials

Setting up Stripe


Withdrawing Money

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