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In this section, we will configure all the ways you offer getting your products to your customers (delivery, shipping) and how to price them differently based on ZIP codes. Please note, local pickup is enabled by default for all sellers. The shipping settings will apply to all of your products, but we will see at the end how to override default settings for some products.

Getting to Shipping Settings

Log on to your profile (see this if you have trouble logging in). Go to Vendor Dashboard > Settings > Shipping. Here, you will see three options (allow a couple seconds to load):

  1. Washington – Delivery Region 1: Driver delivery pricing for certain zip codes
  2. Washington – Delivery Region 2: Driver delivery for certain zip codes with different pricing than Region 1 (perhaps because of distance)
  3. Washington – Anywhere in WA: Shipping pricing such as UPS/USPS (or any carrier) in regions not specified in Delivery Region 1 or 2

Let’s run through an example of configuring each below. Assume, you’re a seller in Bellevue and you offer low-cost delivery in Bellevue, Sammamish, higher cost delivery in Seattle, and Shipping only everywhere else.

Enabling Local Pickup

You should offer Local Pickup to all customers at $0 charge. It’s simple, let’s see how to do this. 

1. Once you’re on the Shipping tab, select “Washington – Anywhere in WA”

2. Click “Add Shipping Method”

3. Select “Flat Rate” and click “Add Shipping Method”

4. Hover over the newly created “Flat Rate” method and click edit

5. Rename “Flat Rate” to “Local Pickup (Queen Anne, Seattle)”. Of course, you’d enter “Local Pickup (Your area).” You may enter a ZIP code, neighborhood name, or anything that helps identify where you are located, while not giving away the exact address. Make sure the cost is 0. Then click “Save Settings.”

6. Please repeat steps 1 – 5 for “Washington – Delivery Region 1” and “Washington – Delivery Region 2.”

Looks like this to the customer on checkout:

Washington – Delivery Region 1

Important Note: if you offer shipping but not delivery, please enter a random non-zero ZIP for this section, Delivery Region 1, (see step 2 below) and click save. Not doing so will lead to Shipping not working properly.

Let us set a $3.5 delivery charge in Bellevue and Sammamish first. We will use Delivery Region 1 for this. Let us also set Free Delivery for Bellevue, Sammamish for orders above $30. We are not going to allow Carrier Shipping here.

  1. After reaching the Shipping section, select Washington – Delivery Region 1.
  2. Enable Limit ZIP/postcodes. This will allow us to restrict prices for specific ZIPs.
  3. Enter all the ZIP codes you want this pricing to apply to (we will discuss how to set up pricing). To find a list of ZIP codes, click on “List of all ZIP in WA Click Here”. This will take you to a new tab with all the ZIP codes.
  4. In our case, we want Bellevue, Sammamish. Let’s find those, and copy over all the zip codes for those cities.Once we copy the ZIP codes for Bellevue, we’ll paste it in our list of ZIPs, like so:

    Likewise, let us find Sammamish in the list, copy over the ZIP codes, and paste it in our list of ZIPs. Include a comma between all the ZIPs. We will add a comma after 98008 before pasting the ZIPs for Sammamish.

  5. Feel free to add/remove any additional ZIPs. Press Save Changes.

Now that we’ve restricted Delivery to Bellevue and Sammamish, let us configure pricing for this region.

  1. Click Add Shipping Method
  2. Select Flat Rate and click Add Shipping Method. (We recommend delivery be a flat $ charge – more on formula based pricing later).
  3. Once added, hover your mouse over Flat Rate and select Edit. You may also click Delete to delete any methods you don’t need.
  4. Change the title from “Flat Rate” to “Delivery” and set your price without the $ sign

Let’s quickly see how Free Shipping works.

  1. Click Add Shipping Method and select Free Shipping
  2. Enter your minimum price threshold. In our case, it’s $30. Click Save Settings. Change the title to “Free Delivery.”

Note: Prices and methods configured in “Washington – Delivery Region 1” will not apply to “Washington – Shipping” or “Washington – Delivery Region 2.” Same holds vice versa. So, if you configure Carrier Shipping in “Washington – Anywhere in WA” (more on this later), it will not automatically be available in “Washington – Delivery Region 1.” You must manually add those methods in “Washington – Delivery Region 1” if you want to allow Carrier Shipping in Bellevue, Sammamish (for our example).

Washington – Delivery Region 2

Let us set a $5 delivery charge in Seattle. We will use Delivery Region 2 for this. We will not allow Free Delivery here, but we will also offer Carrier Shipping here.

  1. After reaching the Shipping section, select Washington – Delivery Region 1.
  2. We can follow the same steps as above to create a new shipping method, rename it Delivery, set a price for $5, and restrict ZIPs to Seattle. We will skip adding Free Delivery.
  3. To configure Carrier Shipping for this Region, click Add Shipping Method, select Flat Rate, and click Add Shipping Method. Then, hover over “Flat Rate” and select Edit
  4. Rename “Flat Rate” to your shipping type for this area, like, “USPS Standard.” 
  5. You can set a fixed price for shipping in this area, like $6. Or, you can make it variable. To make it variable, use a formula such as: [fee percent=’10’ min_fee=’4′ max_fee=’8′]. By using this formula, the shipping price is 10% of the order, but no less than $4, and no more than $8. This is useful if your expensive products tend to weigh more (and therefore cost more to ship). Click Save Settings.
  6. You may add another shipping method, say for USPS Express.

Washington – Anywhere in WA

So far in our example, we have provided a lower delivery price in Bellevue, Sammamish (with Free Delivery for certain order value), higher delivery price and an option for Carrier shipping in Seattle. What about other customers, such as from Spokane? If you don’t want to provide Shipping/Delivery to anyone outside your regions specified in Delivery Region 1 or 2, then you can skip this. However, if you do want to provide shipping to the rest of WA, read on.

  1. Since we’re allowing shipping anywhere in WA, we do not have to set ZIP codes. However, if you are only allowing shipping to certain regions, you may add ZIP codes for those regions.
  2. Just like in the section above, add a shipping method for each of the shipping types you offer (Standard, Express, 2-Day, etc) and provide a fixed/formula based price.

Disabling Shipping for Certain Items

For certain items like expensive cakes, you may not be able to provide Shipping or Delivery. To disable the options above from applying, disable shipping for your product. You can do so by going to Products > your product > Shipping and Tax and uncheck This product requires shipping.

Now, none of Washington – Delivery Region 1, Washington – Delivery Region 2, Washington – Anywhere in WA will apply here. If you only want to provide Local Pickup for this product, you are done. However, if you still want to provide Delivery, you can create an Add-on for Delivery:

  1. For your product, go to the Add-ons tab and select Add Field
  2. Configure it to look like:
  3.  Create a multiple choice selection for delivery based on cities you offer, add a description, and make it not required. After saving, to your customer, this will end up looking like:

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