Create Your Account

In this section, we will discuss how to create an account and set up your profile. At the end, it might end up looking like this.


Creating an Account

  1. Click on Account and under Register (on the right side), select I am a vendor and fill your details (Please carefully read the Terms & Conditions)
  2. Verify your account by checking your email (check spam/junk if you don’t find it)
  3. Once verified, click Account and select Go to Vendor Dashboard. This is where you will find all your seller tools (see image below).


Customizing your Account

  1. Go to Vendor Dashboard (see I.3), and click on Settings > Store.
  2. Fill out your details and click Update Settings
    1. Select Upload Banner and Upload Photo. To upload media, click Upload Files
    2. Fill in your address details. This will not be shared publicly. 
    3. Write about yourself and your store in the text field. You can highly customize this section by adding images and updating fonts. Enjoy styling your page!

Video Tutorial

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