What's Next?

Review and Approval of Your Application

Your application will be reviewed by a Food Safety Compliance Specialist. If there are any corrections needed you will be contacted via email or phone call. To expedite the review process, make sure your application is complete
When your application is approved, a Food Safety Compliance Specialist will contact you to schedule a visit to your kitchen to ensure food safety standards are being met.

Your kitchen and all areas identified in the permit application will be inspected.

If you fail the inspection, you will need to submit documentation to the department as to how you corrected the issue(s) and pay another $125 for an additional inspection.

If you fail inspection twice, your application will be denied.

After completing and passing your inspection the state will email you the Cottage Food Permit.

Amending a Cottage Permit

Approved Cottage Food Operations have 2 options to amend their permit and add new products

Submit changes to product lists at time of renewal. There is no additional fee outside of the regular permit renewal fee with this option. 


Submit an amendment request form outside of a renewal period. There is a $105.00 fee required with this option.

If you have questions about amending your license please contact the customer service staff at 360-902-1876 or cottagefoods@agr.wa.gov.

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