Once an order is made, you will immediately receive an email detailing the order.


Managing Orders

To view all your orders, navigate to Account > Vendor Dashboard > Orders

Interacting With an Order

On the Orders page, you can click on individual orders to access each order, as shown above.

Upon opening an order, you should pay attention to the product, add-ons, delivery method, customer address, special notes.

Order Notes

You also have the ability to give order updates to buyers. Upon adding a note, the note will update in the order notes and the buyer will get another email reflecting what you have noted (perhaps a pickup location if relevant, Carrier tracking number). You may also text the customer to facilitate delivery. Timely communication with the customer is key.




Order Status

Once an order is complete (shipped, delivered, picked up), you should update it to “completed.” To do so, find the order and click the checkmark.


Or you can click on edit next to Order Status to configure the order status. A drop-down menu will appear and you can update the order status as you desire.

Video Tutorial

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